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Different construction material for different weather conditions

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

Constructing a house does not seem an easy task and surely it is not. You have to consider many things even before planning to construct it. The basic question is that where it is being constructed, accordingly you would then know the climate of that place and therefore the construction materials to be used.

Generally stones, rocks and bricks should be used to build houses where the place is prone to floods, tsunamis and typhoons. The examples of old churches can be considered as they have been standing strong for decades now.  In tropical areas you should use a lot of hays, grass and natural leaves for the purpose of construction. This gives a coolness and beauty to your houses. They are supported by strong wood and concrete structures to provide the requisite strength.

But nowadays it is best to use concrete slabs, aluminium, steel and reinforcing bars. They are the strongest and cannot be broken or cut easily. They provide protection from all calamities and are suitable for mostly all weather conditions. So now before constructing you can at least be sanguine about what materials you should use.

B2b content in construction

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The world is fast being seen as content-driven. Even the business leads are found through newsletters and the virtual behemoth called the internet (which again is content driven and SEO operated). Construction industry largely looks up to the content sites for bombarding their idea and plans to the people. Without business to business content flowing, the constructors will be paralyzed in absence of a bridge. What would then unite the contractor with the supplier, the engineer with the promoter, the raw material hoarder with the large chunk buyer? The answer is self-explanatory.

For the given purpose, many newsletters, websites, blogs are in operation. They provide a meeting place for the exchange of business to business content. Dynamic and with hyperlinks, the contents can be updated with alacrity ensuring that you get to know each thing you want to. From production cost to bidding prices, from raw material strength to the time gap required for meeting logistic needs, every thing is worked via B2b.

White House- a beautiful piece of construction

Monday, July 5th, 2010

White house is a thing of beauty. History suggests that it had been expanded by 30 percent in its blue print on suggestion of rev. George Washington. James Hoban, its architect, thought of myriad buildings, holding influence that time, prior to starting his construction efforts. Château de Rastignac and Leinster House were his inspiration at the time of putting up this great architectural monument. The building had to look dignified as well as beautiful, elegant as well as resplendent, solemn and yet awe-inspiring. Quite remarkably, it possesses all these exemplary qualities.

White House is built in white sandstone. Rose and garland and fish scale orientation is a piece of artistry. Cost came in between and thus the house was relegated to a size one-fifth of the originally visualized one. Rice glue, lime and lead have strengthened the sandstone walls on all sides. The white house was built in 8 years starting from the year 1792.

How efficient is Constructors’ association?

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

The world has moved towards barbarism to civilization because it has found discipline. An association helps in adding to the decorum of a field. Similarly, a constructor’s association allows greater discipline, common set of playing rules, even as it encourages greater transparency and a fairly amiable environment in the construction fraternity.

Any constructor’s association is headed by a group of people cumulatively selected by the people of the fraternity. They just impose the fundamentals and keep the “black hat” techniques of cross bidding and foul play at bay. A few may assume that they are not of greatest help as they can be manipulated with or violated time to time with minimal punishment or reprimand. But overall they provide greater control over the entire fraternity. Construction industry is constantly beset with nefarious people. In absence of an association, a lot of malpractice can creep in.