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Durability of floor tiles

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Floor Tiles, Home ConstructionThe floor tiles are available in many different materials, styles, design and colors. The ceramic tiles either glazed or unglazed. The glazed tiles have a coating of surface finish through high temperature. It is easy to have color and texture to the glazed ties. The floor tiles chips or break before installation. Once they are installed properly, they rarely break unless some heavy objects hit them. They may have structural break if substrate is moved.

The ceramic tiles can last lifetime if they are installed properly. The unglazed tiles don’t show wear and tear much but glazed tiles can have scratches and durability depends on the human traffic using them. The manufactures rates the durability of the tiles in 6 categories. Rating 0 is for walls and rating 5 tiles are the heaviest traffic sustainable tiles. The rating 3 floor tiles are suitable for all type of residential floors. You check the tile rating before installing them for best results.

Decorating with patterned bathroom tiles

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Bathroom Tiles, Home Construction,The bathroom is the place where one spends a lot of time yet this room is mostly neglected when it comes to its decoration. The bathroom has mainly three areas, the mirror and sink region, the shower area and the toilet area. Mostly the bathroom decoration includes matching tiles and towels only but patterned tiles are the best option for beautiful looking bathrooms.

As most of the patterned tiles are expensive than the regular tiles, people hesitate in putting them. The patterned tiles come in numerous colors and patterns and can increase the aesthetics of any bathroom. There are flowered patterns and other types of symmetrical and asymmetrical. Sometimes the patterned tiles may look overwhelming in the bathroom which is small. There one can use patterned tiles of one’s choice as border to the regular tiles. Bathroom should never have white tiles as they can be spoilt easily and will give sterile looks.

Rain Gutter Systems for Home Construction

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Rain Gutter, Home ConstructionFor home constructions, problems with the rain gutters are usually related to poor rain gutter installation. If your home is a tall building, then scaffolding will be required to install the rain gutter properly. Sometimes, the construction companies may also try installing them from the roof directly, bypassing the need of such scaffolding, but in this method, more risk is involved and it also does not guarantee the quality and accuracy of the installation.

Some points that you must keep in mind while considering rain gutter systems for home construction are that the downspout should be installed for running of the gutter, one-piece offset elbows should be used in place of two-piece ones, the vertical pipe should have maximum three turns, non-vertical downspout pipes should be avoided, the gutters or downspouts should never go out onto the roof surface or into the roof valley and minimum two pipe bands should be used for each downspout.

Natural beauty of granite countertops

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Granite, Home Construction,The natural beauty of granite is unmatchable and the countertops built of granite enrich the beauty of your kitchen. The granite is one of the oldest rock-types that is available therefore it can be trusted completely for its durability. The countertops built with granite are better than the natural stone countertops. The granite countertops are easier to install and have a long life. The granite countertops have a natural shine which can’t be matched with any man-made products. The unmatched finish comes through the polish. The granite is polished using diamond abrasives for the ultimate finish. The polish of the granite countertops is virtually forever.

The granite countertop may be a bit expensive but later it becomes cheaper as there is no maintenance cost. Some people may not like granite because the seams can be easily distinguished but that is a small amount to pay when you compare the beauty and durability of granite countertops with others.

Design your home with granite products

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Home Construction, GraniteGranite has been in use in construction since time immemorial. The granite is an igneous rock which is very strong and durable. Granite products are used in kitchen and other countertops, floors and staircase. Granite is used in both commercial and domestic purposes. Molded products using granite are used in construction of staircase. These are very beautiful and increase the look of the overall construction. Columns of the house are also constructed with granite. The granite columns provide a unique look to houses due to their vibrant colors and looks. Though initially the granite columns may be a bit expensive but in long run they turn out to be cheaper. The reason being they don’t require maintenance or coloring. Moreover the granite columns are more resistant to natural hazards than cement columns.

Thus if you are planning to construct your house, try granite products for life long beauty and durability.

How to estimate construction projects

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Home Construction, Office ConstructionIt is important to estimate construction projects for both the home owner-to-be and the builder. As a house owner unless you estimate construction cost you may land up paying more and your budget may go out of the roof. As a builder unless you know the correct cost of materials you may face loss or lost the project to some other builder.

The cement, paint etc can be bought in bulk and returned if unused.

If you are taking a loan, visit and check the interest rate of the banks and take the loan from the bank that give some freebies or discounts in its offer.

Visit the markets and check the rates for each building material yourself and then plan your construction.

For the fittings and fixtures quality and utility should be given more importance than luxury.

If some building materials like wood or stones are cheaper at some nearby place, it should be transported rather than purchased from the local market at a higher price.

The items should be bought when the price of the items is cheaper in the market.