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How to install furring strips to concrete walls

Saturday, May 9th, 2009

Construction, ConcreteInstalling furring strips to concrete walls is a pretty easy job which can be done even by a layman with a little knowledge about it. The furring strips are installed to sheetrock the concrete walls. You need a few kiln dried studs, fluted nails for concrete and nail glue.

The studs are to be placed along the wall to its complete height. Apply glue on the bottom plate or on the wider side of the stud and adhere the stud to the wall. Use drill with masonry bit to make holes on the bottom plate. The holes should be at a distance of 16” and penetrate the concrete wall and mallet the nails in the drilled holes. Once the bottom plate is installed, then start with the walls. The vertical studs are to be placed in the same manner. Once the glue sets properly, you will have installed furring strips on the concrete walls.

Why Use GRP for Roofing Features?

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Construction, Roofing, Home, Office,Glass reinforced polyester (GRP) is a light, durable and tough constructional material which can be molded and fabricated into all manner of products. It is a composite of a resilient durable resin with an immensely strong fibrous glass. Polyester resin is used as the main component and is reinforced with glass fibers to form GRP.

The characteristics of a very strong and light weight construction material are particularly relevant when designing roofing features. GRP is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant and it also offers high levels of water resistance and will not buckle or distort in high temperatures. However, the greatest advantage of GRP over conventional materials is that it can be designed as a whole self supporting structure that can also be easily lifted into position and installed using minimum man power.

Using GRP thus saves time and reduces installation costs and maintenance fees making it an excellent roofing material.

What Are Prefabricated Building Materials

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

Construction, Pre Fabricated Building MaterialThese are construction materials specifically designed to be manufactured off site but later brought on to the real site. They are made up of factory built components which are assembled away from the main location. The most considered types are the Galvavolume and the Galvanized steel. Steel coated with aluminum zinc are the most commonly preferred prefabricated building materials. They prevent corrosion, fire and rust from destroying the building. This greatly reduces the construction cost.

Fabricated building materials are commonly used in the military buildings to improve on the security. The builders normally combine both cloth and metal materials when flooring. These materials are very durable and can easily be assembled. The ceiling is commonly made up of frames, beams, walls and roofs of steel.

Most commonly used fabricated materials are fiber glass, concrete, steel and aluminum. They are given consideration because of the hardness..

Use of Quartz Stone In Home Design

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Construction, Quartz Stone, Home DesignCurrent home designs are built using the quartz stone. It is man made and a better alternative to the natural stones. They are of many colors and can be cut into various shapes. The quartz stone is mostly used in the kitchen and in the bathroom. For the kitchen, you have an opportunity to combine all your favorite colors. Because quartz stone comes in many colors, you can choose those that go together with your home design.

For the bathroom, quartz is even better. Artwork can be demonstrated here. It is possible to create wonderful designs for the bathroom using quartz. The walls can be made of quartz stone all through. Unlike granite/tiles/stones used in construction, quartz is versatile. It is a marvel in home design because of its ability to be used in so many places in the home. This it does without monotony.

Tropical Interior Design

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Construction, Interior, Design,When you buy or move in to a new house, you will probably need to redesign it to suit your tastes. Home design can be fun but it is not easy and sometimes you might need professional help. The way you design the interior of your home matters a lot compared to other home areas since you spent a lot of time indoors. Tropical interiors design is the one you make to bring a tropical effect, characterized by hot climate, feel in the house.

The aim of this is to create a relaxing atmosphere and you just need to select the right color, pictures, and other materials for the design. The color will depend on where you live but pale colors are good anytime. For the floor, try the bamboo or sisal and for the windows, make them as simple as possible. Select furniture that will compliment other features in the room preferably wooden but still keep it tropical.

Rise in Green Building Trends Today

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Construction, Green Building, Eco FriendlyThe USA green building trend is vastly growing and is taking the world by storm. Whereas before when there were only a few green real estate developments, today this trend in sustainable development has expanded to whole communities and neighborhoods as well. Eco-friendly designs and materials of green building have made two-thirds of US builders to constructing greener homes.

With the chemical gases in the rise today’s green construction has faced up to this pressures climate change, rising home building material costs and increasing instances of natural disasters. A widespread trigger has helped the adoption of sustainable home design and construction methods. Green building has provided

the opportunity to conserve energy and water, improve building operations and enhance the health and well-being of the global population. More over the green represents a tremendous market opportunity, as it grows rapidly to represent an increasing share of the global growing

Preventing Structure Collapse with Help of Construction Chemicals

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009

Construction, Structure Building,Buildings, as well as other types of structures are designed to withstand a certain weight load, which varies depending on the quality of construction, as well as the quality of the materials used in the construction of the building.

There have been high profile disasters where structures have collapsed, sometimes with distressing repercussions. Over time, factors such as extreme weather, earthquakes, or simple wear and tear will take its toll on a structure.

Collapsing buildings are disastrous, but there have also been some recent tragedies pertaining to the collapse of bridges and tunnels. In many of these cases, pitiable building or wearing away are to blame for the disaster.

Today, there are construction chemicals that can be used to help enhance the life and strength of new structures and for the strengthening of aged structures to make certain the best end results are obtained.

Permaculture for a Landscaping Makeover

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Construction, Landscape, PermaculturePermaculture refers to the maintenance and design of ecosystems that are agriculturally productive and have the resilience, stability and diversity of more natural ecosystems.

It is where landscape and people interact, to provide both non-material and material needs such as shelter, energy and food. And all this is done in an ethical and sustainable way. Permaculture actually tries to utilize nature’s own methods of creating a sustainable system that is both sufficient and homely to its inhabitants.

With permaculture designs, you can try and make your garden look as natural as possible while at the same time putting in a mix of human element. These can include wide pathways and also some perennial food crops. This means that you can create an environment whereby plants, animals and humans can interact and get along together.

You might also decide to use polycultures, plant guilds and rain gardens to meet your target.

Maintaining Your Home’s Concrete

Friday, May 1st, 2009

Construction, Home Improvement, Home Concrete, Home Design,When one understands the importance of an organized simple house, one takes steps and precautions of maintaining the home.

Clean your home regularly. Prepare a schedule and always sweep your house before you sleep. As always you fill your house with new things, make sure non usable things are donated or eliminated from the house. If you are too busy then hire a helper to assist and brainstorm on issues and supplement your efforts.

You may want to continue organizing and decorating the concrete in your home as time goes on. Think of what areas you would have an ideal vacation spot, and see if you can recreate them inside home. If you have small children or another situation that makes keeping a clean house especially difficult, give yourself permission to have a little clutter.
Keep your home concrete clean and well-maintained for that sparkling look and for it to last a long time.