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Cost Effective Stair Building

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Construction, Stair, BuildingThe most cost effective way to build a staircase is building one on site. The first step is to have all the lumber and materials shipped in one trip. This is to save on the expense of multiple shipments that are not really necessary. When all the materials are good in place the only next step is finding a good carpenter that together with the architecture’s design can assemble the wood and nails into a masterpiece work of art.

Some folk prefer having the materials taken to a factory and the staircase built from there. This is a good approach if the person who made the order can find a good and cheap transport from the factory to the home, since a staircase is relatively heavy to carry.

Shipping an already made staircase, which are mostly spiral, is not advisable if cost effectiveness is being sought.