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Are You Aware Of Salvage Building Materials?

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Construction, Salvage Material

Architecture and construction is taking an interesting turn. People are moving away from ordinary houses to natural houses. That is a revolution to reckon with. Natural buildings are sustainable and they top the list of real estate agents at this time when debate on saving environment is high world over.

The homes use solar energy and recycle waste products. But how deep is the awareness of salvage materials to home builders and surveyors? The spirit of recycling products and reusing them in home construction is not new. Most people are aware that natural home building materials are the best.

Because they don’t emit toxic materials to the atmosphere, they protect the rivers and beautiful forests. Antics used in construction are environmental friendly. This reduces construction costs. Why should you burn plant leaves when you know there’ll be smoke? Mix the leaves with soil and make bricks out of them.