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Are You Aware Of Modular Building Technologies?

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Construction, Modular building

Modular building technology involves the use of conventional building practices and materials with one significant difference. The construction actually takes place inside a climate controlled factory where complete modules are produced. When they are completed, the modules get shipped to the job site via truck. Once they arrive on site, they are set and finished.

Modular construction saves time and meets deadlines since it happens in a climate controlled environment regardless of weather conditions. It saves money due to shorter construction times and a shorter duration of construction loans. Since all of the purchased building materials are stored in an off-site factory, there will be less work site theft.

It increases quality since raw materials are protected from common problems, such as rot and warp. With modular construction, quality is built into each project and each step of the modular construction process incorporates consistent building practices.