Ideas For Renovating Your Office

February 24th, 2017 by GeaMitJo
Tips for office renovation

Ideas for office renovation

Every individual has different taste and wants his work space according to that space. If you current office space is not according to your taste and your needs you must go for renovating your office. Renovating your office and making it according to your needs, taste and preference will make your work more easy and fruitful. There are many factors which should be considered while renovating your office and one of the most important one is budget. You must fix a budget before starting to renovate your office; however there might be some ups and downs in your fixed budget but the overall expenditure will be encircling the amount. If you are not much aware about the various other factors to be taken into consideration while renovating your office, then here are some of the ideas for renovating your office to help you out.

  • Sell the old stuff

It is but obvious that you are going to need some huge amount of money for renovating your office for bringing the new stuff. When you bring the new stuff, the old one would be of no use. Consider selling this old stuff and generating some money out of it. You can sell your stuff online and utilize the money you got for renovation purpose. Many of the times you are in so much hurry to trash the old stuff that you don’t wait for the right deal and sell away in low price. You do realize that by doing so you are losing a big amount of money which can make the project of renovating your office even better. Old furniture and appliances can grab good price in market. Take little care when they are getting removed or else it can damage which can be hindrance in getting good value.

  • Keep the good things intact

When you are renovating your office, it doesn’t mean you have to replace everything with new. There will be several things in your office which are quite good and unique and can be focal point of your office. Try and keep those things intact while renovating your office. This will help you save a lot while renovating your office. There might also be certain things which don’t need to be replaced; just repairing them will do the work. Several times, it can happen the part which was a mess or a hassle, after repair it turns out to be an eye catcher of your entire office.

  • Make your own choice

If you have hired a professional for renovating your office, don’t let him everything decides. It’s your office and you should be the one working there and hence make your decisions while renovating your office. Keep in mind that not each and corner should be luxurious and eye catching, try and keep your budget some importance and choose the things which you like, need and make your working more comfortable. Also choose the paint color very carefully as it plays very important role while renovating your office.

Process Of Replacing A Shower Head

February 9th, 2017 by GeaMitJo
Replacing your shower head

Changing your shower head

Each one of us would love to have that feel where after a long and tiring day, there is this stress relieving hot shower. Hot water running from our body is anyhow very much invigorating and soothing. It releases our stress and makes our body feel relaxed. When you have this hot water running through shower head, the feeling is ten times more. When all this water comes out of the shower, it would be millions and billions of gallons of water coming out and going to the drain. All this water would be heated first before coming out. Now if you have a leaky shower head or have any other issue with your shower head, then just imagine how much amount of water you would be literally wasting. You must consider replacing a shower head if there is any such issue with it. While replacing a shower head make sure to have the new shower head with less flow.

Replacing a shower head with the one with less flow will save lots of water and also save up on your water bills. If you had a shower head with low flow and it was not at all good as to have to run around for getting your body wet and the flow was restricted very much, then you don’t need to worry about that now. In today’s time the new showerhead which is low flow are designed in such a manner that despite of being low flow, you will not feel restriction in water flow and you will be able to use it comfortably without any issue. One of the added benefits of replacing a shower head of today’s technology is that they are not much expensive. Here are the steps for replacing a shower head.

  • Get rid of old showerhead

The first and the foremost step of replacing a shower head is to get rid of the old one. This step of replacing a shower head is really easy. You just need to unscrew the old shower head which is connected to the water supply. Firstly check out the under part of the shower head. If you find any small screws over there then remove it. Majority of the shower heads can be removed by hand only but it is not moving then you can make use of a wrench or pair of vise grips and remove the screws. Make sure you are turning it very gently and hold on the water supply when you are removing the screws of the shower head. Make sure you are giving sudden jerk and breaking the supply pipe.

  • Attach new shower head

The spot from where you removed the old shower head, new shower heard should be placed at the same spot. Put the new shower head there and then screw it. Make sure to put up some pipe dope or tape for securing it. Place this on the water supply line thread. Ensure that there are no drips on the shower head.

Techniques To Repair Leaky Faucet

January 24th, 2017 by GeaMitJo
Ways of repairing leaky faucet

Tips of repairing leaky faucet

Whether it is the irritating dripping sound which wakes you up at night or a mini pool under your sink, a leaky faucet is that minor problem which can easily turn out into a major problem if it is not taken care or handled properly. If you are also having similar issue then repairing leaky faucet should be in your priority list and you should work on it before it turns out into something really big and problematic. Repairing leaky faucet is really simple and easy and you can do it by yourself also. If you are intending to save some bucks then you can go for repairing leaky faucet yourself. If you are new to this, you will definitely need some help. Some are some of the easy and effective techniques to repair a leaky faucet.

Things needed

  • O rings
  • Penetrating oil
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement washers

Steps for repairing leaky faucet

  • Ensure that you are not making the situation even worse by making one of the biggest mistakes of not turning the water supply off. Before even you apply screwdriver or wrench to any of your fixture, make sure you turn off the main power supply. Missing this part out will make your bathroom or your kitchen like a mini pool and leaving a lot of cleaning work behind to do. For switching off the main water supply, you need to find a handle which would most probably over the sink. There would be a knob under it which would be controlling the water which is coming from the main line.
  • If there is any decorative part on the handle knob then get rid of it while repairing leaky faucet. A general prying by using a flat head screwdriver will be proper to remove that while repairing leaky faucet. Under every knob, a screw will be placed for handling the stem. Remove this screw very gently and then also remove the handle by using the flat head. If you are making use of penetrating oil then it will make to loosen the fixtures and easily take the handle of the faucet off the stem.
  • Loose the packing nut by using the packing nut. After that you will see the stem, remove it as well. Based upon the type of faucet, certain stem will pop up right away while the others will twist from the valve. Have a look on the removed parts to check for any damage.
  • While repairing leaky faucet, if everything is okay at this point then you would have to inspect the O ring and the washer which is placed inside the valve seat. This can be one of the causes of your leaky faucet. Get rid of the washer and put up a replacement in the seat. This will probably repair leaky faucet.
  • It’s difficult to get the exact fit for the replacement and hence it is advisable to take the old one to the home improvement and ask for the similar one to get exact fit without any issue.

Tips on Selecting Floor for your Home

January 16th, 2017 by Keya
Different types of Flooring options

Different flooring options

Selecting floor for your home is a practical aspect. It helps in adding a charm top your home design that can add up a sense of styling and pattern from room to room. But, it can be exciting for the home owners because there are lot more things to consider. We all have different ideas about various type of flooring for our home, what they actually entail and how much amount they cost to you, but selecting flooring for your home without even exploring its types? Nah, not a good idea actually! It might become harder for the home owners to decide, which type of flooring option is suitable to your home and which is not. Here is the list of the tips to consider while selecting floor for your home.

Things to consider while selecting floor for your home:

  • Budget is the most important factor to be considered while selecting floor for your home. With the wide range of flooring options in front of you, it’s advisable of factoring out budget in your own way that will help you in making a perfect match for your home.
  • Price is important, we all know that what we really want is a low priced flooring option that is best suitable in our home. It’s advisable of keeping a little more space in your budget regarding the flooring option. And if you’re seeking for a low priced yet beneficial flooring style for your home, head towards installing hardwood floors.
  • They are cheap enough and highly durable in nature. Which room you’re going to install the floor in? How much flooring materials you need? It highly depends upon these questions because there are different types of flooring styles designed for different rooms.
  • For example, bathroom flooring options, living room and bedroom flooring options and kitchen flooring options are highly distinctive in nature from each other. The flooring in bedroom should be enough comfortable and warmer as compared to other room flooring installed.
  • Also think about your lifestyle that it will be supportive to your flooring option or not? If you’re having kids or pets at your home, the floor should be subject to easily maintained and cleaned one. And if your floors at your home face lots of traffic areas, it’s advisable of installing a highly durable type of floor at your home.
  • Don’t forget to ad up the style and décor factor in your list while selecting floor for your home. The flooring style you’re selecting should match up with the rest of the interiors of your home.
  • In addition of thinking of those how the floor will appear, also think for the comfort zone. How you want to make your feet fell while you’re walking on the floors. Check for the sustainability of your flooring option you’re selecting.
  • There are many eco-friendly options available in the flooring types that the home owners can opt for. Going green is a good concept for having a greener inside of your home. Install certified recycled wood that is highly environmental friendly in nature.

Tips To Organize Your Home Office

December 29th, 2016 by GeaMitJo
Ideas of organizing your home office

Tips of organizing your home office

Home and office should be two separate spaces. When you combine both of them, you should make sure you are not disturbing your personal space a bit because of your office.  Bedroom is place where you sleep, and there should not be any heaps of paper or files or your laptop. Mixing both the space can make your home boring and unorganized. There should be one specific space which should be allocated for office and office stuff should be there only and nowhere else. If you are having home office which is very much messy and you cannot right things at right time, there it is the right time; you need to organize your home office. If you are new to organizing your home office then you will be in need of some help which can guide you regarding organizing your home office. Here are some of the tips which can be really helpful in organizing your home office.

  • Manage all the loose papers

Generally in any home office, there will be loose paper flying here and there; some of them might be useful while some of them are of no use.  While organizing your home office, you must collect all this loose papers and see which is of use and which are not of use and just creating clutter all around. If these papers are useful file them up to get them whenever they are needed and throw the rest of them in dustbin.  By completing this step you will be done with half of the work of organizing your home office.

  • Store stuff in containers

While organizing your home office, you must store all your supplies in box, drawers and containers. Keeping them right on the table will make the mess again which will be clearly and easily visible. Hence put all your files, your stationery supplies and rest of the things in drawers and containers to make keep them right where they are without messing them up.

  • Use a marker

One of the easy tips of organizing your home office is to use a good marker. Mark everything like your files or your containers or your drawers with the things which are stuffed inside. This will help you to get them back when you need. You don’t have to waste your time in finding the things when you need then.

  • Use color code system

Color code system is a smart way to organize your home office. You must be having several types of documents in your office like tax related documents or medical related documents or personal documents or financial documents. Keeping them all together can be really confusing when you want to find them. Hence Pick a color and buy a file of that color and put all the documents of that particular type in that file. Say for example put all your financial documents in green file and all your medical documents in red color file and all your home documents in grey colored file.  By doing so, you will be able to become a pro in organizing your home office.

Tips To Organize Your Garage

August 6th, 2016 by GeaMitJo

Organizing your garageGarages are tending to become the dumping ground of your whole home. Garage are the big open space and thus they are easy target for the suitcase which does not fit in your closet, those skates which your son no longer use, those Barbie and dolls which your daughter no longer play with, the sewing machine which you no longer take into use and many other such things. When a place is full of so many stuffs it will become mess and organizing it becomes very important. Hence you must be a prop and make proper efforts in organizing your garage.  Organizing your garage is really a easy task if done with right tips and tricks and conversely organizing your garage can be really challenging task if not done with right tips. There are many things involved in organizing your garage and as you do it very occasionally, considering all those things is really very important. Here are some of the tips which will help you to organize your garage like a pro.

  • Use vertical and ceiling space more

This rule becomes really very important if you have a plan to actually park your vehicle in your garage. While sure that you have enough space to park your vehicle properly without running onto any stuff or hitting any stuff. This is very important tip while organizing your garage. The primary objective of garage is to park your vehicle properly and not to store your useless stuff. Thus while organizing your garage, try and put your stuff away from the floor. Also keep focus on the point that you need to make your garage look good and presentable when the door is open. Thus organize your garage in a way which looks good when the door is open.

  • Take everything out of your garage

When you look at a space which is full of stuff, you cannot get a exact idea as to how to do and what to do to make this mess organized and when you see a place like a blank canvas ideas start coming to your mind which will definitely help you to organize your garage in most perfect manner you can. While you take everything out of your garage, you also get to know, what are all those stuff which is making your garage so much full and messy. You can also find your lost things surprisingly while organizing your garage.

  • Decide what to keep and what to throw

While organizing your garage, you will come up many things which are not at all needed and it will uselessly blocking up space in your garage. Thus decide what to do with all those things. If these things are total crap then throwing them is a nice option, if they are useful but not to you then consider donating them. You will also come across certain things which are expensive but of no use so you can consider selling them also and generating some revenue out of it.

Tip For Hassle Free Home Construction

July 4th, 2016 by GeaMitJo

Home constructionHome construction is a big project of your life and definitely you don’t want to take the risk of making any mistake and then regretting at the end. Thus while going for such a big home construction project, you might be unaware of the things as to what to do must and what not to do as you must be unaware of the field of home construction. There are several very important tips to be taken into consideration if you want hassle free home construction.

  • Select the builder carefully

The most important thing to be taken care while home construction, is the selection of builder. Builder is one who plans all the stuff and is also responsible for the execution of the same. You must be careful and conscious while selecting the builder and also make appropriate research about the builder as home constructions depends mostly on him only. Check out the previous jobs of the builder and also ask the homeowners about the experience and reviews of their home construction with the builder. Ask whether the builder is having good follow through whether the home construction was completed on the schedule or not and also in budget or not and also check whether the work was qualitative or not. Also make sure that the relation of builder is good with the subcontractors and supply houses and also find out whether they are appropriate in paying off the bills. Any builder who is late in payments will most likely be late in getting the materials and having a qualitative crew.

  • Hire a lawyer

It’s advisable to hire a lawyer to have your home construction contract reviewed with the builder. Home construction project is a major investment and it is very much essential to have all your bases covered. A small amount of lawyer fees will help you save thousands of dollars at the time when something goes wrong at the time of home construction.

  • Don’t overbuild

Before you finalise your home plan and begin with your home construction, compare the home of other with the one you are planning to build. Don’t have the most expensive home in your whole street as it will not help you to have adequate return at the time of resale.

  • Hire a local builder

Hiring a local builder while having your home construction project done will be a good choice as he will be reputed and known around your area and also he will be having local contacts which can help you while your home construction project. A very well established local builder will be having great and many subcontractors and many suppliers for the materials to be relying on. There will be fewer chances of travel delays and also your home construction project will be completed soon and with qualitative work.

How to Repair Broken Stairs

May 20th, 2016 by Keya

How to Repair Broken StairsYou might be thinking that, repairing broken stairs is considered to be very difficult but let me tell you that it is not so much hard that you cannot do it on yourself. Rather if you will not hire the professional for the matters of repairing broken stairs than also it is okay because you just need certain of the tools and other things which you can comply on your own when it is the time to repair broken stairs at your home. In many cases you can go for repairing the broken stairs on your won which can help you in not only saving up your money but will help you in providing with all the sorts of satisfaction because you have complied with this process.

The further discussion will help you in knowing the things which can be considered at the time of repairing broken stairs at your home. no doubt there are certain things which you need to keep in mind at the time of going for the process of repairing broken stairs at your home like you needed to be ready up with the tools, the materials which you are going to need, time consumption, budget, etc. and many more of the matters which are taken in to account at the time of complying with the process of repairing broken stairs at your home.

How to repair broken stairs

  • Well as we are staring up with the process of repairing broken stairs at your home than the first thing which you can go for is preparation of the area which is going to be repaired in your home. The carpet which has been installed on the stairs must be removed so that you can easily access with the broken part and repair it. After going for this, check for the replacement in the stairs which is to be considered important ease this will help you in getting all the knowledge which you require.
  • How to Repair Broken StairsNow gently remove the broken stair which is affecting your stair installed in your home. After that take proper measurements of the stair which you have replaced with the new one so that it can properly match up with the old stair which you want to replace because you want to repair the broken stair at your home. The color, weight, length, width, etc. everything is being calculated under the point for measurement.
  • Now it is the time to fix up the replaced stair with the new one so that the whole of the process can be easily complied with in a better manner. Make the perfect marking and then place the new stair trade which you want to keep and nail it properly so that it do not get disturbed from its place where it is being installed. After installing it now it is the time to apply glue so that it becomes permanent fix, with the help of the glue it won’t get easily removed and will be present over there with all the stiffness which you want in your home at the time of repairing broken stairs at your home.

How to Restore a Water Damaged Wooden Floor

December 30th, 2015 by Keya

Water damaged wooden floorWood floor is considered top the basic and the base thing which is installed in the house and where we walk and do our routine work. The importance of floor in our routine is far more as compared to other things in the home. So it is important to maintain your wooden floor. But sometimes it is observed that due to any disaster or the situation of flood in the criteria, there are chances that the wooden floor gets damaged and the cost factor increase for the home owners by replacing the whole flooring.

Water damage can cause much more to the wooden floor because of the accumulated water on the surface of the home, the wood which placed and installed in the floor gets damaged and spoiled. This effect can create more of cost expenditure for the home owners. This article will instruct you to how to restore a water damages wooden floor by your own or with the concerned help of the professional contractors.

How to Restore Water Damaged Wooden Floor

  • The first and the foremost thing which the home owners must perform as their core function in the maintaining of their damaged wooden floor is to dry it up as fast as possible and don’t let the mold or the algae get accumulated on the surface of the wooden floor. If the mold takes place than it can create many of the problematic situation for the home owners.
  • There are different ways which can be helpful for the home owners to deal with the water damaged wooden floor and the easiest way amongst all the methods of drying up and restoring your wooden floor is to buy rented large fans which can be placed in the area where the wooden floor is installed in the home. By doing this the possibility of drying up the entire wooden floor and restoring it can be easily and quickly possible which will be more helpful for the home owners. All the windows which are installed in the house must be opened and if you have AC in your house than do on it for quicker effect of restoring your wooden floor.
  • All the unwanted parts or the remaining which have been damaged due to the accumulated water on the wooden floor must be removed and by doing this it will give a finishing touch to your floor. The wooden floor will look more managed and restored than before. With the help of open and pure air which will travel in the home with the help of opening the windows and the doors will create a soothing effect to the wooden floor and the floor will get dry faster than expected.
  • It is advisable to also ventilate all the basement area because the base of the wooden floor is connected with your basement and if the basement is properly restored than the wooden floor will be more easy and comfortless for the home owners to maintain the wooden floor which is damaged due to the accumulated water on the floor.

Hip Roofing

July 6th, 2015 by Keya

Hip roof is a type of roofing, which shows a different image than that of other roofing methods. Hip roofing is such a type of roof which slides downward the house consist of a gentle slope. A hip roof is shaped like a pyramid. Hip roof is a rectangular roof having four equal sides with the same kind of slope. It is very much help full in high rainfall areas because of its four sides of sloppy roof the water gets accumulated easily and the problem of drainage does not arises. Hip roof is difficult to build as compared to other methods of roofing. Because as gabled roofing has only four direct sloppy sides but in hip roofing a square surface is prepared first at the top of the roof and supporting to it the equal sides of the roof are prepared. The installation of hip roofing is more expensive and time consuming.

Hip roofing is commonly seen in bungalows and cottages. It is wind, water, snow resistant. Not only of a particular structure but hip roofing is also designed in different structures according to the client’s requirements. Hip roofing is comparatively more efficient for obstructing the heavy windy climate. It is considered as the most durable roofing method. No doubt its installation charges are more but if the owner of the house wants their house to be perfect and well maintained than they will place the hipped roofing method considering as a one time investment.

Hip roofing provides more of ventilation areas in the house. It also provides with the additions that if further the owner wants to change any aspect in it than he can make changes according to his preference. For high wind areas and strong stormy regions, hip roofing is the best recommended roofing method. Hip roofing has more complex structure to design so more of labor and material is used in building it.

Proper maintenance must be taken of the roofing to avoid high ware and tear. A proper measuring must be done by the contractor for building the hip roofing that how much material will be used, what materials will be used, costing of the materials so that it helps the contractor to estimate the time and the amount of constructing the hip roofing. Hip roofing does not require any support of external element because it is self bracing. There are more possibilities of water leaks as compared to gable roofing. Hip roofing is frequently used by the modern architectures for constructing the perfect look of roofing for the people.

The common types of hipped roofing are:

  1. Pyramid hip roof

Pyramid hip roof is a roof style which has four equal sides connected to the edges of the house. Other word used for pyramid hip roofing is pavilion hipped roof. This type of roofing is typically seen on small bungalows and houses.


  1. Cross hipped roof

The cross hipped roofing has very interesting structure. It intersects at two hip sections. Cross hipped roofing is used in the houses which has complex structures and has many intersection points in their roof.


  1. Half hipped Roof

A half hip roof is the combination of both gable roofing and hip roofing. Half hip roofing has its two sides shortened at the edges.